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Supply Chain Execution

Take advantage of industrial engineering and manufacturing software forged in some of the industry’s most flexible, nimble and fast-moving environments.

Supply Chain Execution Authentise
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How do you currently manage your suppliers’ execution?

Most traditional systems have focussed on managing suppliers not working with them. Managing suppliers is one thing. Working with them is another.


It’s time for something better. Cutting edge manufacturers are looking to evolve from a linear, to a digitally networked value chain


Authentise can help you do more than simply manage your supply chain. Authentise helps you execute it.

Treating your supply chain as a secure, and intrinsic, part of your operations, we can provide you with a digital thread around your most critical areas of operation, giving you the keys to drive the productivity & efficiency you need, while managing quality & risk.

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Take advantage of industrial engineering & manufacturing software forged in some of the industry’s most flexible & fast-moving environments.

Authentise’s platform for industrial engineering and manufacturing provides a modular set of applications that allows customer and their supply chains to deploy what they need, on their terms, not ours.


Commitment can scale or shrink according to need.



Better establish more flexible & resilient supply chains

Uiltise execution insights to foresee challenges before they become roadblocks

Drive consistent & coherent  standardized processes, workflows and operations

Empower your people to keep up with customer demand.

Better enable low-overhead, fast response manufacturing

Maximize responsiveness efficiency & throughput.

Improve predictable quality delivery

Deliver better, more predicable, quality, on time and at cost.

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Supplier Live Bidding & Brokering

Real time, live bid requests on the parts and services you need, when you need them.

Work Order Management

Directly manage and schedule your providers efforts with visible orders and execution.

Work Order Execution

A live digital thread for your orders, connected directly to your suppliers.

Visibility & Analytics

Direct visibility into your suppliers’ execution levels and order readiness.


Collaborate on the parts you need, and the processes you need, when you need them.

High security & IP management

Ensure supply chain data & information rights are protected.

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Pragmatic engagement based on your distinct needs

We’ve helped companies like 3M, Boeing, Nike, Danfoss, Ricoh, Xerox and more deliver some of the world’s most agile and responsive industrial engineering environments.


"Authentise understood our varied needs immediately. We have a dozen locations making prototypes, and a couple that are moving into production. We wanted one system to manage it all”

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