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3Diax Basics - Screencast

3Diax is Authentise's API platform for Digital Manufacturing, a secure pipeline to access multiple services and have direct access to machines. It lets you automate your existing additive manufacturing processes to manage assets on the shop floor, delivering extensible & integrated systems faster.

On 3Diax you can choose the best solutions to compose your custom workflow, implement them in a standar format, and switch without cost. The platform's open and modular approach lets you build for your current need, on top of your existing infrastructure, and integrate more modules as your scope grows.

We have prepared a screencast to illustrate how 3Diax works and how the modules interact with each other to give you a better sense of how to implement them according to your use case. These are very simple & free processes that you can test yourself right now: Authentication, Secure storage, Rendering, Toolpath and Mesh healing.


You can skip directly to the part you are interested in:

The modules available

Curious about the modules we offer? From the Design phase to past the Production phase, 3Diax APIs act as the digital glue to unlock your digital manufacturing data.

The range of modules on 3Diax is continually expanding thanks to market-leading companies already using 3Diax as a distribution hub to seamlessly deploy their tech to our user base.

Your company can be one of them: Want to deploy your tech on 3Diax? Let's talk!


Our documentation is publicly available at and

Hope you find our tips useful. Do you have other tips you would like to share? Tweet to @Authentise. and we will post them here!

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