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Hiring women engineers

In the past three months, here at Layer0, you had the chance to meet our fantastic and small engineering team, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have been carefully growing, looking for engineers that fit our culture and are interested in our industry.

Recently, we finally hired a lady engineer, Anusha Iyer. We hope she is the first of many. At Authentise we make a conscious effort to interview more women when hiring for a technical position. If you just get your job post out there and wait for the best, you will get the same ratio you already have in the market. We do not believe you have to "lower the bar" in order to hire women. That's nonsense. Just make an effort, and you will find women just as qualified as your male candidates, and balance your recruiting process. Look at Anusha. She is a kick ass computer scientist, with a masters degree and experience with computer vision & machine learning, just perfect for us. Look in the right places, work around your biases and you will find them, I promise.

If you too want to commit to hire more women engineers, here are my tips to source more candidates. Hope it's helpful!

Dev Bootcamps - for junior devs

Hackbright Academy Hackbright Academy is a leading engineering school for women with a mission to increase female representation in tech through education, mentorship and community. They have a 12-week accelerated software engineering fellowship where women can learn the fundamentals of computer science and modern web development, and ultimately become software engineers. Alumnae have been hired at companies such as Facebook, Uber, Lyft, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, New Relic, and others.

Telegraph Academy Telegraph Academy is expanding opportunities for all by providing world-class Software Engineering training to members of communities that are traditionally underrepresented in tech. As a Reactor Core school, TGA is held to the same standards as its sister schools - a 99% hiring rate.

Both of them are in the Bay Area, but you will find others near you. Just let them know you want to hire women and they will be happy to help.

Networks - for junior and senior devs

Women Who Code They have a newsletter with job postings that goes out to thousands of women who code weekly. Donate to support the network and get featured on the newsletter.

PyLadies If you are Python people like us, Pyladies is a great network of women in Python. They have local chapters that get together to code and learn from each other. You can sponsor or host a meetup, have them come to your office and tell them how much you want them to apply.

Girl Develop It Same for Girl Develop It, specially if you are looking for front-end devs. They have awesome instructors and TA's, the curriculum is based in JavaScript, and you will get in contact with a fantastic network that can help you with your recruiting efforts.

University Career Centers

Did you know that about 40% of the students of Harvard’s computer science class are women? Contact your local university career center and ask them to send candidates your way.

Learn more about it

Lots of companies are doing it right. You can learn from Etsy, Slack, and others. Read online, contact them, ask for advice.

You will be amazed by how much people are willing to help you hire more women.

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