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How AI & Machine Learning go way beyond manufacturing and into the mundane (Authentise Weekly Ne

We are strong advocates of digital tools that empower and enrich the capabilities of production plants all over the world. But to say that AI and machine learning are limited to the manufacturing industry would be a massive understatement. Currently, practically every human activity has some degree of automation and digital intelligence, which may sound unsettling, but it’s at the foundation of our modern society. For example, you would never enjoy a live sports’ game the way we are accustomed to now if it weren’t for speech-recognition and automated content tagging algorithms, providing you with all the relevant insights. Without it, we’d be stuck within the confines of our human limitations. Now, Google is helping oil and gas companies like Total analyze subsurface data better and faster than any employee ever could, helping us explore beyond. To prove my point, we can get into the outright bizarre and witness how Chinese factories are using AI to better grow and breed billions of cockroaches every year for their medicinal potions market. It’s in the phone in your pocket, in the streetlight across the street, in the subs lurking the seas. The world wouldn’t work as it does without AI.

How do AI and MAM provide improved live sports production?

Sports production is demanding, it’s about live content and speed. This is a good example of where AI combined with MAM can help media companies to face today’s challenges. Assembling sports highlights is a prime example, broadcasters can automatically pre-configure events in the MAM to drastically reduce preparation time and avoid human errors. During the live game, the programme feed is passed through a computer vision AI engine and a speechto-text AI engine, which provide additional metadata and contextual information about the game to augment media logs.

Read the full article at ScreenAfrica.

Total and Google to develop AI solutions for oil and gas exploration

Total has signed an agreement with Google Cloud for the joint development of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to accelerate oil and gas exploration and production.

Total Group senior vice-president and CTO Marie-Noëlle Semeria said: “Total is convinced that applying AI in the oil and gas industry is a promising avenue to be explored for optimising our performance, particularly in subsurface data interpretation. We are excited to work with Google Cloud towards this goal. This builds on the strategy being developed at Total, where AI is already used, for example, in predictive maintenance at facilities.”

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Chinese factories deploy AI to grow more than 6 billion roaches a year

Chinese factories deploy AI to grow more than 6 billion roaches a year

In what sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of, a Chinese facility is breeding roaches by the billions for use in medicinal concoctions. These “healing potions” are reportedly used to cure respiratory, gastric, and other diseases according to an official report. Each facility relies on AI to continually collect and analyze more than 80 categories of data. These include humidity, temperature, food supply and consumption, as well as genetic mutations and modeling future growth.

Read the full article at The Next Web.

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