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Newsletter (June) – expanding direct 3D printers’ control

Let’s be partners!

Direct 3D printer control is coming, are you with us?

Authentise has a history of developing solutions that enable the users to do more with their equipment. Now, building on our work in streaming and with companies like Lowe’s and Stratasys, we are starting to move on to direct control of machines.

EOS is committed, and we can push directly information into their 3D printers. Initially, we are rolling out these features to EOS printers, but there will be many more to come.

Be an early adapter and benefit from special discounts to this program.

Controlling the user’s 3D printer will mean:

  1. Nesting can be more efficient due to a more direct and data-rich approach in dealing with orders.

  2. Setup can be more automated, by giving our platform the power to schedule certain operations without user’s input.

  3. Quoting can be more accurate.

  4. Set up each machine, generate and send the toolpaths remotely into the printers.

  5. and much more!


If you or your company have EOS 3D printers and are looking to be an early adopter of these new features, please let us know by contacting our CMO Frank Speck at

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