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Week in Review: December 12 to 18th

France’s postal service partners with Cults3D to launch 3D printing marketplace, a close look at production times with i.materialise, and a helpful chart on 3D printing processes and materials.

French postal service company La Poste announced their new all-encompassing “Innovate and Create in 3D” website. This massive local distributor has made it a point to focus on new technologies, such as 3D printing, by opening their own self-curated 3D marketplace, powered by Authentise partner Cults. Go Cults!!!

According to i.materialise, sometimes plastic polyamide prints can take up to 6 days, with resin taking longer: between 8 and 13 days. Silver takes as long as 8-15 days. Their solution to the problem of slow 3D printing production time is to create a “fast lane.” For smaller polyamide prints, it is now possible to get them within 2 days, as long as finishing options, such as dyeing and polishing, are not required. This process, known as the “Polyamide Priority,” is an option for people who have simpler designs that do not require all of the extra time that other prints do. Want to know more? has the scoop.

Explaining the different types of additive manufacturing (AM) processes can be difficult as there’s significant overlap with materials and hardware between the different technologies. That’s why Fram-Schwartz, former 3D Design Lab Lead at Google, created this diagram to make this seemingly sophisticated network of processes palatable.

While the chart does not cover all of the processes used in 3D printing, it does give a pretty good look at some of the more common ones. Frams-Schartwz also offers a higher resolution chart on his Linkedin post.

Closing our Week in Review, we want to invite you to visit Layer0, our tech team blog, to read Yani Iliev’s post on “Reverse engineering print protocols“. If you like code, 3D modeling and 3D printing, Layer0 is the place to go. Every Tuesday a new blog post will be waiting for for you.

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