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Digital Design Warehouse

Manage your Digital Spare Parts & your additive initiatives in one place.

Bring your organisation together.

Database Software

Secure Digital Spare Parts Catalogue

  • Allow different departments to develop & share their own designs

  • Manage permissions and access levels

  • Highly secure

    • Full ITAR

    • On-premise options

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Deliver Additive Value

  • Quickly share new ideas by uploading any file, in any format

  • Develop the project with our world-class 3rd integrations:

    • Convert 2D to 3D

    • Assess additive viability

  • Full version control on all designs and associated files​

  • Define your core parameters inside each model's description

  • Open API connections to directly connect your systems of choice (ERP, FSM, MRO, PLM, CAD, pre-processors, etc)

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Blank Screen Macbook Image
Computer Monitor
Order Management

Bring your additive manufacturing community together

  • Share designs quickly without the need for 3D CAD software

  • Start conversations about each project with your colleagues and suppliers

  • Essential collaboration capabilities

    • Assign tasks​

    • Tag people

  • Link to external resources, such as your PLM

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Tie in your network

  • Full Whitelabeling option – expose your brand’s warehouse to the world

  • “Order Now” function, integrated into production & supplier management system if required

  • Fully extendable – bring in additional algorithms to help part analysis

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3D Parts
Image by Esther Jiao

"Authentise helped us on production management for Additive Manufacturing. Now, our initiatives have matured and we're ready to make the next steps, it was natural for us to work with them again to manage our digital spare parts initiative across the organisation."

Head of Additive Manufacturing 
Global Aerospace Company

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