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Material Management

Our Digital Material Genealogy Management module provides advanced material workflow management for additive manufacturing. 

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Comprehensive Material Genealogy Visualization & Reporting

Comprehensive Materials Genealogy Visualisation & Reporting

  • Simple visualization of all actions/events and material history

  • Automatically track utilization history by material

    • Number of reuses, amount used, data of first use, user actions

  • Captured in Traceability Report for every Part

    • Online or Downloadable version 

    • API access to report for reuse

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Intelligent Powder Management & Inventory Level Tracking

  • Automatically track material availability across inventories and in-machine

  • Track real-time material status, utilization, and quantity remaining 

    • Virgin and reused powder cycles

    • List all builds/orders completed with material

  • Automatic material Traceability Report generation

    • Show material history & QA data

  • Ability to attach reports

Intelligent Powder Management
RealTime Material & Machine Association

Real Time Material & Machine Association

  • Ability to load and unload material from machine using Web & QR app

  • Track history of material actions (split, blend, sieve, test) 

    • create material genealogy which tracks the evolving batches

  • Associate material history to build

    • Recorded in material traceability & part traceability reports

  • Keep track of employee actions on the production floor

    • When was material added, how much, by whom

Simplifying Material Handling on the Shop Floor

  • Machines and material actions tracked using QR app

    • Select action by scanning qr code on material + machine

  • Create customized material handling & process steps with Work Instructions

    • New powder shipments

    • Post-printing activities

  • Operator actions automatically captured in traceability report

  • Keep track of material levels, history and status with material travelers

Simplifying Material Handling on the Production Floor
Automated Reordering

Automated Reordering

  • Set threshold inventory level per material and location

  • Automated reorder when threshold is reached

  • Simple reconciliation upon receipt

  • Easy integration with ERP systems for Purchase Orders 

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"Authentise understood our varied needs immediately. We have a dozen additive locations making prototypes, and a couple that are moving into production. We wanted one system to manage it all - and Authentise provided."

Director, Additive Manufacturing 
Global Industrial Engineering Corporation

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