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Simplify inventory management and track materials to reduce costs and scale production.

Database Software


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We help suppliers simplify inventory management with data-driven material tracking

We help manufacturers Improve inventory control for proactive maintenance and enhanced production

JJ Johnson, General Manager of UPM Additive Solutions

"The introduction of this VMI solution in partnership with Authentise represents a significant milestone for the additive manufacturing industry, showcasing its increasing maturity and the growing adoption of advanced technologies to streamline production processes"


Automated Inventory Replenishment

VMI actively monitors and replenishes build plate stock, ensuring you always have enough plates on hand.

Remote Management Portal

VMI provides a user-friendly portal for remote monitoring and management of build plate supply, enabling seamless coordination and real-time updates.

Detailed Plate Measurements

Record key plate measurements including Thickness, Flatness, and Parallelism for confidence in build plate quality.

How it works

Queue Build Plates

Easily signal build plates for pickup and resurfacing at UPM's designated location.

Dashboard Visibility

Gain remote visibility into plates ready for pickup through an intuitive dashboard.

Effortless Verification

Scan Plate IDs/QRs at pickup for seamless verification.

Traceability Reporting

Record resurfacing activities for comprehensive traceability.

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Just 30-minutes of your time could save you 90% of Pre-Production Time, and Save you 30-minutes on each RFQ...


"Authentise helped us on production management for Additive Manufacturing. Now, our initiatives have matured and we're ready to make the next steps, it was natural for us to work with them again to manage our digital spare parts initiative across the organisation."

Head of Additive Manufacturing 
Global Aerospace Company

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