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Collaborative Threads

The ultimate collaboration tool for project managers, cross-functional and R&D teams. Digitize, automate & track the world's most demanding agile industrial engineering and manufacturing operations.

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Effectively Collaborate With Your Cross-Functional Team

Work with the people & resources you need to succeed. Share experiences & ideas. Leverage the team.​

  • Work in agile cross-functional teams, leverage different roles, experiences and viewpoints, with contextualized, up to date, information.

  • Drive more ad-hoc autonomous, decentralized, self optimizing, collaborative groups.

  • Enable collaborative work across functions, geographies, divisions, departments, and external partners.

Threads 3D Annotation

Always have access to the resources you need. See all of your team's comments in real time.

  • Establish a forum of shared documentation libraries, digital twins, digital resources & processes.

  • Natively annotate 3D models and tie those comments back to broader conversations related to the project.

  • Tie your team together into a synchronous conversation about a 3D model, always able to see each colleague’s point of view. 

Shared Libraries & 3D Design Annotation

AI Suggestions


Work more efficiently with AI powered tools.

  • Use AI-generated suggestions to capture milestones related to your conversations. 

  • Summarize each Thread with AI to make it easier for your colleagues to understand the context of each conversation.

  • Investigate the content of your threads using the AI-powered Threads.

Generative AI Support


Manage Your Work & Knowledge

Track your actions, decisions, learnings, resolutions and impact.

  • Create, search & follow threads across your entire value chain, as you need.

  • Link, nest and structure your key work threads as part of larger initiatives.

  • ​Track and manage cross functional efforts:

    • Drive outstanding threads.​

    • Track key thread metrics.

    • Tag & Identify key elements.

  • Tag, filter, sort and organize the threads you need to be successful. Identify the owners, people, teams and resources that can help. 

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