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VP Operations - Aerospace Customer

"Authentise convinced everybody; we loved the openness & flexibility of the system and I am happy to know that all our data is being captured and instantly available."
  • How does Authentise ensure data security and protect against cyber threats in the manufacturing environment?
    We adhere to the highest industry standards for cybersecurity and work diligently to safeguard against potential threats in the manufacturing environment. Additionally, we perform penetration testing and conduct regular security checks. Our security processes have been reviewed by multiple client teams.
  • Can we deploy Flows locally?
    Yes, we have a number of ways that we can deploy our platforms, going as high as ITAR or HIPAA constraints, but also locally. For more information, visit our deployment options page.
  • Can Authentise help with traceability and compliance documentation in highly regulated industries?
    Yes, Authentise offers full traceability and compliance on an individual part basis. The information is sufficient for all regulated industries and customers from aerospace and medical industries. Learn more about it in our video.
  • What unique features differentiate us in the MES market?
    Authentise stands out with individual traceability combined with batch processing, user-configurable workflows, access to more data, better utilization, and a more open system. Some other unique features are: Our guidelines feature allows you to add rule-based instructions to get suggestions in the system. Learn more about it here. With Authentise, you can connect to the widest number of machines, external sensors and more. See all of our machine integrations here. Our Materials Management module helps to track the flow of materials in manufacturing operations. It's especially useful for generating complete traceability of powders, particularly on additive manufacturing operations. See full set of features here.
  • What tools does Authentise offer for quality control and defect tracking within the manufacturing process?
    Authentise provides workflow work instructions, allowing shop floor personnel to ensure quality and track defects against set standards. Work instructions can require operators to report measurements or other details, such as photos, text or otherwise. Thresholds can be applied against those data entries and parts that don’t meet requirements can be automatically failed or re-routed.
  • What data integration options are available with Authentise for connecting with existing ERP and CAD/CAM systems?
    Authentise Flows is designed to integrate with a variety of different software in your workflow. See all of our software integrations here. Check out our ERP integration case study and PLM integration case study for more information.
  • Do you have an app?
    Yes, Authentise offers a mobile app for shopfloor operators, which is used to manage manual post-processing steps. More information can be found here.
  • What customization options are available to tailor Authentise Flows to unique manufacturing processes and workflows?
    Authentise can individually tailor your needs to your manufacturing environment and workflow. We work with you to fully optimize your operations workflows. Watch our prep workflows and work instructions videos to learn more about Flows’ configurability.
  • Can Authentise Flows handle multi-site manufacturing operations and provide centralized control and visibility?
    Yes, Authentise Flows supports multi-site operations. Its centralized platform ensures that you have full control and visibility across all your manufacturing sites.
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