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manage your Additive Workflows with flows am

Whether you're making prototypes or production parts, Authentise helps manage your processes efficiently, ensure processes are followed and capture all resulting data.

Leverage the digital thread to bring transparency and efficiency to your fingertips. Multi-location reporting, compliance and process improvements becomes a breeze, and with Authentise's partner integrations you'll always be sure to have best in class tools.

Workflow MES for 3D printing OEM connecting their lab with powerful automation features
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~1h Daily

on process overview

Customized dashboards, order summaries and operation-wide analytics give you unparalleled oversight to stay on top of your daily workload.


~30 minutes

per production request

Simple review and costing for each incoming part request. This, coupled with simple communication tools to discuss arising issues or schedules. optimizes the review of new orders to minutes.

-$0.35 to -$48

on each part

Time is money, and when you empower your workflow through instant communication, automated order tracking and run scheduling, that adds up to a considerable amount per part.

order intake

Centralized order intake and outsourcing

All the data you need to stay informed and act nimbly on your orders in one, user-friendly platform.


Manage orders internally, across multiple locations or through third parties, without skipping a beat.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Production Planning
& Scheduling

Let production data power your scheduling process.


Flows AM knows when your equipment is booked and schedules new runs at the earliest open slot, with their attached workflow steps following suit.

Plus, it keeps into account buffer times, maintenance periods and more.

production planning

On-Demand Digital Parts Catalogue

Features like the Model Library make it immediate and reliable to reorder parts for production, based on CAD and print parameters. For customer showcase or lab testing, just pick and choose.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

parts cat

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Real-time Machine Monitoring

Direct machine connection gives you access to past and live production data. Store data from past orders to process into analytical KPIs and get live updates on machine status like error messages and more right in your inbox.


Create any report or dashboard you need with our unique integration with Microsoft Flow, or via API. 

machine monitoring

Quality Assurance & Reporting

Data never leaves the pipeline in FlowsAM: Machine data is captured as is operator feedback through the app.


Now, custom automated reports can be downloaded with a single click or sent directly to customers. Filter by processing step or user change, it’s never been easier to learn from your operations.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

quality assurance
MES Integrations

Advanced IT Integrations

Link Authentise seamlessly with your existing IT systems such as Single Sign-On (SSO), or Engineering tools such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. Benefit from existing integrations with Siemens, Autodesk and more.


With over 700 connection points and an open API policy, we play nice and easy with every system.


Guidelines Rules Engine

Create a template resource that is provided to a user when required

  • Thresholds trigger suggested changes in behaviour or parameters that will ensure a more successful production outcome.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

  • How does Authentise ensure data security and protect against cyber threats in the manufacturing environment?
    We adhere to the highest industry standards for cybersecurity and work diligently to safeguard against potential threats in the manufacturing environment. Additionally, we perform penetration testing and conduct regular security checks. Our security processes have been reviewed by multiple client teams.
  • Can we deploy Flows locally?
    Yes, we have a number of ways that we can deploy our platforms, going as high as ITAR or HIPAA constraints, but also locally. For more information, visit our deployment options page.
  • Can Authentise help with traceability and compliance documentation in highly regulated industries?
    Yes, Authentise offers full traceability and compliance on an individual part basis. The information is sufficient for all regulated industries and customers from aerospace and medical industries. Learn more about it in our video.
  • What unique features differentiate us in the MES market?
    Authentise stands out with individual traceability combined with batch processing, user-configurable workflows, access to more data, better utilization, and a more open system. Some other unique features are: Our guidelines feature allows you to add rule-based instructions to get suggestions in the system. Learn more about it here. With Authentise, you can connect to the widest number of machines, external sensors and more. See all of our machine integrations here. Our Materials Management module helps to track the flow of materials in manufacturing operations. It's especially useful for generating complete traceability of powders, particularly on additive manufacturing operations. See full set of features here.
  • What tools does Authentise offer for quality control and defect tracking within the manufacturing process?
    Authentise provides workflow work instructions, allowing shop floor personnel to ensure quality and track defects against set standards. Work instructions can require operators to report measurements or other details, such as photos, text or otherwise. Thresholds can be applied against those data entries and parts that don’t meet requirements can be automatically failed or re-routed.
  • What data integration options are available with Authentise for connecting with existing ERP and CAD/CAM systems?
    Authentise Flows is designed to integrate with a variety of different software in your workflow. See all of our software integrations here. Check out our ERP integration case study and PLM integration case study for more information.
  • Do you have an app?
    Yes, Authentise offers a mobile app for shopfloor operators, which is used to manage manual post-processing steps. More information can be found here.
  • What customization options are available to tailor Authentise Flows to unique manufacturing processes and workflows?
    Authentise can individually tailor your needs to your manufacturing environment and workflow. We work with you to fully optimize your operations workflows. Watch our prep workflows and work instructions videos to learn more about Flows’ configurability.
  • Can Authentise Flows handle multi-site manufacturing operations and provide centralized control and visibility?
    Yes, Authentise Flows supports multi-site operations. Its centralized platform ensures that you have full control and visibility across all your manufacturing sites.
"Authentise understood our varied needs immediately. We have a dozen additive locations making prototypes, and a couple that are moving into production. We wanted one system to manage it all - and Authentise provided."

Director, Additive Manufacturing 
Global Industrial Engineering Corporation

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