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Specialty materials management

Flows provides advanced workflow management for specialty alloys and metal powders.

Database Software
Order Management

Enhancing Powder Atomization with Authentise Flows

With Flows, you can create a "smart" and optimised powder manufacturing process that will maximise resource efficiency and yield consistent and high-quality products. It will help establish robust methods to enable re-use powders, significantly reducing the cost of producing high-value parts in AM.

To get started, simply connect your ERP with APIs. Alternatively you can just upload a MSNav file to create a fully defined order, just like Carpenter Additive.


Powder Manufacture

Atomization's carbon footprint comes from energy use, not direct emissions. By improving atomization efficiency and using renewable energy, our clients aim to save over 284MWh annually in the UK.

Material Reuse

Reusing metal powders reduces waste and saves energy in the supply chain, potentially cutting embodied energy by over 80%.

Speed up Customer Acceptance

The 'Total Data Package' that covers the powder production and AM chain will improve user confidence, traceability and reliability of AM supply-chains.

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Comprehensive Material Genealogy Visualization & Reporting

End-to-end workflow with Authentise Flows

  • Track orders end-to-end

  • Define workflows, work instructions and suppliers

  • Simply visualize of all actions/events and materials history

  • Traveler QR codes are used to walk through work instructions and input reports can be generated

  • Custom automated reports can be downloaded with a single click or sent directly to customers

Take advantage of industrial engineering & manufacturing software forged in some of the industry’s most flexible & fast-moving environments

Authentise’s platform for industrial engineering and manufacturing provides a modular set of applications that allows customers to deploy what they require, on their terms, not ours. Commitment can scale or shrink according to need.

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powder manufacture

Carpenter Technology

Workflow Management for Specialty Materials

Delivering manufacturing excellence into one of the world's most agile manufacturing environments. With a focus on high quality metal powder products and services, adding consistency and reducing risk.

future innovations

Adopting novel high-throughput characterisation methods (DRM / PBS)
to assess the quality of powders as they are used and recycled, as well as that of the parts made using those powders.

Developing a Total Data Package (TDP) to collect, control and manage the digital footprint of powder produced. This will enable true end-to-end traceability and optimisation across the entire of the AM manufacturing process (powder manufacture-to final part).

Image by Esther Jiao
Comprehensive Material Genealogy Visualization & Reporting

Integrate Flows with the Material Management Module

  • Automatically get demand signals from clients

  • Load and unload machine using Web & QR app

  • Track history of material actions and create material genealogy which tracks evolving batches

  • Create customized material handling & processing steps with Work Instructions

  • Set threshold inventory level per material and location

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