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Modular, Scalable, Customizable. Built to meet your needs.

Leverage the power of the 3Diax platform to build your own, enterprise-grade custom workflows for your team, customers and partners.


Empower your team with the most extensive collection of APIs in the industry, to seamlessly integrate with your existing additive manufacturing systems.

Modular MES to design the perfect workflow tool for your unique 3D printing operations

A 3Diax module for any step of the way. Filter the full list by clicking on the keywords below.




Delta Version*

Returns visual and numerical geometric differences between two 3D models.


Delve into and plan for different scenarios in your production schedule.

Enhanced Quoting**

Go beyond the price to determine what information the customer sees, and how. Distinguish yourself with granular detail.

Post-Production Tracking*

Prompts, lists and records activities made throughout the production process.

Secure Delivery°

Streams or transfers encrypted design via TLS v1.2, AES-256 block cipher.


Schedule and track all your 3D printing jobs in one place.

Mesh Healing°

Repairs models for the additive production process.

Service Provider**

Simple communication and bidding with approved vendors on part or process step basis.

Parts Catalogue**

Provide your team, customers and parters with a CAD/STL catlogue for fast 3D print orders.


Add intelligence and reliability to your maintenance cycle by defining the intervals at which they must be conducted.


Handle assemblies in Authentise, enabling both complex and multi-colour parts.

Enhanced Security**

State-of-the-art IT projection and security.

Machine Analytics*

Grab data from machines, display in dashboard and GANTT and access via API

Toolpath Analysis°

Generates G-Code or other machine instruction specific to your machine type.

Engineering Discussion*

Distributes and saves comments on design files.

Support Optimization°

Optimizes the amount of material used for support structures.


Determines prices for parts based on customizable ML algorithms. Incl. post process costing.

File Analysis*

Provides data related to the design such as polygon count, dimension.

RFQ Responder*

Quote engineering application with colleagues and intelligent data support.

Prep Workflows**

Manage permissioned and automated pre-production workflows to ensure your project gets to the production floor seamlessly.

Version Control*

Track & save different versions of a design and parameters.

Material Handling**

Tracks, optimizes and reorders materials used in production. Review material genealogy.

Work Instructions*

Provide instructions and receive feedback (incl inspection data) from operators on the shop floor.

Orientation Optimization°

Provides orientation options with associated metrics.

File Conversion°

Convert between 40+ different file types/extensions.


Adds serial number or secret watermark to help identify your part.

Geometric Search°

Identifies associated parts based on 74 geometric similarities. Input can be CAD, 2D or simple sketch.

Additive Feasibility Assessment°

Integrated into the Digital Design Warehouse, this automatically assesses the feasibility of designs for additive processes and compares them to traditional techniques.

Quality Assurance**

Set thresholds against operator and machine feedback to ensure every part is compliant. Receive alerts and set permitted actions.


Provides access to production data and derivatives (such as utilization).

In-Process Monitoring°

Detects print failure with computer vision and uses machine learning to predict maintenance.

Machine Control°

Starts, pauses, and controls production on your devices from anywhere.


Finds the optimal distribution of parts in a print bed of across multiple print beds


Confront internal quotes with live data from market services.


Renders 3D CAD models into 2D and 3D images in the browser. Many options included.

Secure Storage*

Secures & stores designs and associated information in redundant infrastructure.

* Included in FlowsAM       ** Available upgrade       ° May contain third-party algorithms via streamlined integrations

Augment your Flows experience

We developed each module to give the user more options to enrich their Flows experience. We accompany our customers in their digital transformation journey in identifying which modules make for the best solution for their unique situation.

Find out how the Authentise Flows platform caters to OEMs and Service Bureaus alike.

"The modules were a big selling point for us. The ability to seamlessly expand the capabilities, and easily add third-party algorithms means we're adaptable to the changing needs of the business. A bonus is that all the modules have their own API's, which means we can integrate them separately if we wish, or replace one with our own algorithms."

IT Manager
Automotive OEM

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