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Deploy Safely

All companies will eventually move to the cloud. There are just too many advantages and they are growing by the day - it's fast to set up, cheaper, and allows you access to better services.


However, we know old habits die hard, and we know that most of you reading this are not actually in charge of the decisions/don't want to fight with the IT team. That's fine, we understand, which is why we have a variety of private options available. 

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Keep your data safe


Create your own corporate account on our servers and start using all Authentise services nearly immediately, at no extra cost. Get access to value added services based on data, as well as early access to new features.

Managed Private Cloud Instance

We set up 3Diax on a separate instance for you - available either on ITAR servers or standard. Your data is not only logically separated from other user's data, but also by server. We're also able to VPN tunnel in.

Cloud (ITAR)

Shared Server on specifically secured ITAR server. Highly secure thanks to the Enhanced Security Module.

Private Cloud

We set up 3Diax for you on your own cloud servers (AWS or Azure), and are a guest on your servers to assist with maintenance. This is likely to address all but the most arduous IT policies, and you must perform your own upgrades and maintenance.

Local Deployment

We install 3Diax on your servers in your datacenter and ensure it works in your environment with your IT team. This offers complete adherence to even the most arduous IT policies, but it takes time and there are quite a few Install Requirements.

Dentist Using 3D Printer

Talk to us about your specific situation - we're happy to address. Deployment has never been the reason why we weren't able to work with a potential partner.

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