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Vast Aerospace Aims for Space Tourism by 2030 - What has made this possible?

Updated: May 9

An image of the earth from the moon

In the ever-evolving landscape of space exploration, collaboration and innovation are allowing for advancements a lot sooner than we may have expected. Envisioning a future of commercial space travel is now considered feasible enough for Vast Aerospace to aim to achieve it by 2030. Teaming up with pioneers like SpaceX, Vast are collaborating to chart a course toward a reality where commercial space stations and lunar habitats are not just dreams but tangible destinations.

In the realm of space exploration, collaboration fuels progress. From the cooperative efforts of NASA and the European Space Agency to the groundbreaking innovations of private ventures like SpaceX, the stage is set for a cosmic renaissance. Together, we're on the cusp of a new era where commercial space stations and lunar habitats beckon mankind to claim them.

Advancements in Space Technology

From generative AI to sustainable rocket fuels, technological breakthroughs are shaping the next generation of spacecraft. These advancements promise more capable vessels and innovative solutions for navigating the cosmos. 

Private space exploration

Companies like SpaceX, Vast and Virgin Galactic are driving a new era of space exploration. With plans for crewed missions and space tourism, the private sector is redefining what's possible beyond Earth's atmosphere.

1. Commercially Crewed Space Stations

A Vast Space Station

At the helm of this stands Vast Aerospace, architects of the future. With projects like Haven-1, humanity's first commercially crewed space station, Vast is turning science fiction into science fact. 

2. Space Habitation

Space Living

Scheduled for liftoff aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket, Haven-1 promises to be a cornerstone of space habitation, offering both microgravity and lunar artificial gravity environments.

3. Outerspace Ecosystems

Connected Space Stations

By harnessing the power of technology, including SpaceX's Starlink internet, Vast is poised to create a thriving ecosystem in space, where connectivity is as seamless as it is on Earth. 

4. Artificial Gravity Station

Vast Spaceship Hatch

Looking ahead, their ambitious plans include the launch of an artificial gravity station by the 2030s, featuring diverse environments tailored to the needs of spacefarers.

Industry Expert Forecasts

"In the next decade, expect giant leaps in outer space."

McKinsey and Company landing page

"Here are a couple of things I think [will happen] in the next ten years, around 2030. There will be regular space travel. We will have humans who have landed on the moon. And I bet that we will identify life." 

Space Industry Expert

Vast's Secret Weapon, Authentise Flows, Unlocking New Possibilities

There is a silent force driving some of Vast Aerospace's triumphs. Through seamless automation, Authentise empowers Vast Aerospace to optimize operations, ensuring resources are allocated wisely and productivity soars.

Real-world case studies illuminate the transformative impact of Authentise's solutions:

99.6% reduction in Manual Consumable Tracking

What once consumed hours of technician time now takes mere minutes, saving valuable resources and enhancing productivity.

100% reduction in Down Time due to Lack of Consumables

With Authentise in place, instances of production halts due to inventory shortages are a thing of the past, ensuring seamless workflow continuity.

ROI Calculations

Authentise's solutions translate to tangible returns on investment, with significant time and cost savings realized over time.

These success stories underscore the pivotal role of workflow management in driving innovation and efficiency in the aerospace industry. By leveraging Authentise's Flows, Vast Aerospace is not only accelerating progress but also laying the groundwork for a future where humanity's reach extends far beyond the confines of Earth.

Authentise and Vast Aerospace stand as beacons of collaboration and innovation, propelling us toward a future where space exploration is not just a possibility but a reality.

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