The MES Platform for Additive Service Bureaus

Scale up with automated compliance & efficiency.

Ensure to squeeze every ounce of productivity from your machines with an MES designed to reduce idle time while delighting your customers with unequaled traceability.


End-to-end workflow

Automated Quoting

Production Planning

ROI Analytics

Order Management

Production Monitoring

Traceability & Reporting

Empowered by data, to empower you.


in status updates

Automated status updates & seamless communication. You’ll save precious time every day by automating update messages, client communication and internal daily reporting.


~30 minutes

on each RFQ

System-generated quotes and invoices save you time and hassle. Customize your pricing algorithm, and use machine learning algorithms to estimate time & money. Get simple quotes from sub-contractors.

-$0.35 to $48

on each part

Time is money, and when you empower your workflow through instant communications, automated order tracking and run scheduling, that adds up to a considerable amount per part.

Automated Quoting

Save time on each order by getting instantaneous estimates. Customize your quote algorithm, use third-party tools or rely on Authentise's proprietary machine learning approach. 

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

RFQ & Order Management

Generate order requests directly or tie Authentise into your existing RFQ system to seamlessly connect every piece of information for your review, and modification, throughout production.


Production Planning

Streamline and automate order processing with detailed workflows, and let the MES do the rest. The platform intelligently schedules new runs based on machine availability, to ensure maximum utilization and part throughput.

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Production Monitoring

Direct connection to your printers means you’ll get instant, automated status alerts for runs in progress, error messages and more. Our mobile app for operators give you updates for manual tasks. Leverage third party connections like with Microsoft Flow to further personalize your notifications and add even more data to your daily workflows.


ROI analytics

Drive your growth strategy on actionable insights thanks to real production analytics. By reporting and visualizing your KPIs in dashboards, your team will have a clear overview for machine utilization and failure rates, material usage and more to propel your business intelligently.


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Traceability & Reporting

When data never leaves the stream, features like automated reports for traceability are a simple yet powerful reality. Every bit of production data, version control and user edits are tracked and just one click away from being shared with your clients, no manual gathering needed. Access via web, downloads, API and no-code platforms such as Microsoft Flow. 


"Authentise brought automated order to our madness. The system helped me sleep better at night, knowing that if something does go wrong it'll self adjust or I'll get an automated message. Plus, our customers are happy with the reporting they get and my guys barely have to lift a finger for it."

Operations Manager

Aerospace-focused Service Bureau

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