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The FlowsAM Platform for Additive Service Bureaus

Scale up with automated compliance & efficiency.

Ensure to squeeze every ounce of productivity from your machines with an platform designed to reduce idle time while delighting your customers with unequalled traceability.

Workflow MES for 3D printing service providers, to get quick ROI and operational performance
MES Service

End-to-end workflow

Automated Quoting

Production Planning

Order Management

Production Monitoring

Use the power of data to save time, money and avoid unnecessary stress.


in status updates

Automated status updates & seamless communication. You’ll save precious time every day by automating update messages, client communication and internal daily reporting.


~30 minutes

on each RFQ

System-generated quotes and invoices save you time and hassle. Customize your pricing algorithm and use machine learning algorithms to estimate time & money. Collaborate with your co-workers and sub-contractors to get simple quotes in no time. See our full set of features here.

-$0.35 to $48

on each part

Time is money, and when you empower your workflow through instant communications, automated order tracking and run scheduling, that adds up to a considerable amount per part.

Automated Quoting

Save time on each order by getting instantaneous estimates.


Customize your quote algorithm, use third-party tools or rely on Authentise's proprietary machine learning approach. Chat directly with your customers and co-workers to speed up the process.

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You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Automated Quoting

RFQ & Order Management

Generate order requests directly or tie Authentise into your existing RFQ system to seamlessly connect every piece of information for your review, and modification, throughout production.

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RFQ & Order Management

Production Planning

Streamline and automate order processing with detailed workflows, and let the Flows do the rest.


Attach a templatized workflow, including specimens required, or use Authentise's Guideline recommendation engine to adjust quote, even for assemblies. The platform intelligently schedules new runs based on machine availability, to ensure maximum utilization and part throughput.

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