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Authentise EVENTS

Join us for the various events we will be attending and learn how our workflow automation solutions can improve your operations.

Upcoming Events...

Rapid + TCT

Meet the team at AMUG! Visit our booth 83 in Salon D to chat about all things AM with Andre, Erica and Derek!

25th-27th June

LA, California

Recent Webinars...

Watch our 30 mins webinar and learn how our Material Management Module provides advanced material workflow management for additive manufacturing.

gantt chart

Material Management Webinar

12th Oct 2023


Keith presented this webinar, got some questions? Contact him here.

Fab & Job Shop Management Webinar

15th June


Watch our webinar to find out how Authentise can help manufacturers respond to Requests For Quotes quickly and efficiently!

RFQ Responder Webinar

12th April 2023


The Future of Process Monitoring Webinar

From AM Technician to AM Expert, see how Authentise and nebumind are combining their platforms to enable technicians to act quickly & reduce production costs through to helping advanced Additive Manufacturing engineers improve the quality of future print jobs.

14th July


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