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Contextual Data

Focusing on context to help unlock innovation and productivity.

order specification

Contextual data is the end goal when it comes to workflow software. In high mix, low volume, context matters.

Authentise's award winning, end-to-end workflow solutions track parts from specifications to production and finally delivery—all with the benefit of being transparent so clients can track their orders.

Workflow software, combined with the power of contextual data, is the future of all things manufacturing.


Use manufacturing device data to update order status, traceability reports & more

Integrate 3rd party modules to ensure customers can always choose best-in-class

Deliver API endpoints for every action on the platform

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Take advantage of contextual data-driven manufacturing software forged in some of the industry’s most flexible & fast-moving environments.

A new kind of Industry 4.0 platform to contextualize data from 3rd party sources into part specific intelligence. Use context data for insight, or to process in 3rd party algorithms. Build your own applications to ensure quality, manage supply chains and more.


See all product data in one place

Improve the performance of your systems by integrating cutting edge 3rd party algorithms

Rapidly develop & deploy custom applications to deliver value on data

Embrace diverse IT solutions instead of vendor lock-in

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Pragmatic engagement based on your distinct needs

We’ve helped companies like 3M, Boeing, Nike, Danfoss, Ricoh, Xerox and more deliver some of the world’s most agile and responsive industrial engineering environments.


"We realized that by using whiteboards and excel sheets, we were loosing all our knowledge. Authentise helped us develop and execute a strategy to retain and build on that experience. It's become a real differentiator for us, and is helping us grow."


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