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Connected workflow management solutions for the world’s most agile engineering and manufacturing operations.

Why Authentise?
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Our Mission: Supply Chains SUCK and they need to change!

Witnessing a 2012 plane crash that killed 159 people because a spare part wasn't available (and would have taken 3 days to deliver) taught us that distributed Manufacturing is inevitable, and we have to make it happen. 

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With a mission like that, you'd expect us all to be obsessively working to prevent more plane crashes - and, to be fair, some of us are a little obsessed... but it takes a village to make big dreams a reality - and a village takes all types.

Everyone is welcome at Authentise as we strive to build a diverse and inclusive family! We celebrate uniqueness so multiple perspectives and differences are highly valued. It's what drives our innovation and helps us connect with the communities we serve!

We offer flexible working arrangements to fit your needs and lifestyle and want to make sure you are comfortable bringing your authentic self to work! All you need is a drive to make a change in the world's supply chains!

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Diversity Statement

Board Members

andre wegner

CEO and Founder of Authentise

onsu dickson

Onsu Dickson

Founding General Counsel and COO of multiple energy companies, each worth >$500m


John Hartner

Industry veteran and founder of Digital Industrialist

black background

Join the Authentise team in building the digital future!


Open positions


We are currently experiencing a high volume of questions about an agency/ recruiter calling and emailing people to invite them to job interviews for Authentise. We DO NOT work with any agency or recruiter and won't contact you for an interview unless you've applied for any of the jobs currently listed by us.

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Don't see a role that fits you but still think you're a fit?

We want to hear from you!

Diversity Report


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Our USA head office address is:

701 S 50th St
Philadelphia, PA 19143

In addition, we have offices worldwide:

  • Toronto

  • San Francisco

  • London

  • Milan

  • Kiev

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