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AUTHENTISE use cases

Discover how our Workflow Management Solutions are being deployed in a variety of use cases.

Use Cases

Field Service Management

Are complex systems (the bedrock of your organization’s success) keeping you up at night?

Increasingly complex assets, equipment and technologies demand more agile field service operations. 

Image by Esther Jiao

Fabrication & Tooling Management

Are you leaving some of your company’s most important operations to email, spreadsheets, whiteboards or sticky notes?

Increasing demands for responsiveness, quality and cost with personalized, custom, offerings demand more agile job/fab shop operations.

Inventory & Materials Management

How much is your manufacturing inventory costing your business?

Poor inventory management is one of the top 10 reasons why businesses fail. Authentise is helping companies keep on top of their inventory & materials.

Image by Esther Jiao

Supply Chain Execution

How do you currently manage your suppliers’ today?

Enable continuous improvement against low overhead, fast response manufacturing by making performance visible across your supply chain.

Airplane Engine

"Authentise convinced everybody; the shop floor loved the mobile app and time savings, our IT guys loved the openness and I am happy to know that all our data is being captured and instantly available."

VP Operations - Aerospace Customer

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