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Collaborative Threads

The ultimate collaboration tool for project managers, cross-functional and R&D teams. Digitize, automate & track the world's most demanding agile industrial engineering and manufacturing operations.

Effectively Collaborate With Your Cross-Functional Team

Work with the people & resources you need to succeed. Share experiences & ideas. Leverage the team.​

  • Work in agile cross-functional teams, leverage different roles, experiences and viewpoints, with contextualized, up to date, information.

  • Drive more ad-hoc autonomous, decentralized, self optimizing, collaborative groups.

  • Enable collaborative work across functions, geographies, divisions, departments, and external partners.

Threads 3D Annotation.png
Shared Libraries & 3D Design Annotation


Always have access to the resources you need. See all of your team's comments in real time.

  • Establish a forum of shared documentation libraries, digital twins, digital resources & processes.

  • Natively annotate 3D models and tie those comments back to broader conversations related to the project.

  • Tie your team together into a synchronous conversation about a 3D model, always able to see each colleague’s point of view. 

AI Suggestions.png
Generative AI Support


Work more efficiently with AI powered tools.

  • Use AI-generated suggestions to capture milestones related to your conversations. 

  • Summarize each Thread with AI to make it easier for your colleagues to understand the context of each conversation.

  • Investigate the content of your threads using the AI-powered Threads.

Manage Your Work & Knowledge

Track your actions, decisions, learnings, resolutions and impact.

  • Create, search & follow threads across your entire value chain, as you need.

  • Link, nest and structure your key work threads as part of larger initiatives.

  • ​Track and manage cross functional efforts:

    • Drive outstanding threads.​

    • Track key thread metrics.

    • Tag & Identify key elements.

  • Tag, filter, sort and organize the threads you need to be successful. Identify the owners, people, teams and resources that can help. 

HQ: 701 S 50th Street, Philadelphia, 19143 USA

UK Office: 33 Foley Street, London, W1W 7TL, UK

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