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field service management

Are you finding that managing complex systems, assets and equipment is keeping you up night?


Increasingly complex assets, equipment and technologies demand more agile field service operations. Authentise delivering on today’s agile challenges for field service management & delivery.

Your ability to keep complex systems up and running is the bedrock of your organization’s success. Efficient, compliant and safe installation, maintenance or repair of industrial equipment, systems or assets can sometimes mean more than a ruined reputation. It can sometimes be the difference between life and death


Keep your equipment running and maintain your operational effectiveness. Keep track of your organization’s field service work. Better scale your skilled, specialized or proprietary services.

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Forged from the some of world’s most agile industrial operations management toolsets

Whether R&D prototypes, personalized manufacturing at scale or field service, Authentise has a proven track record of helping companies deliver their most agile industrial engineering operations.

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Do more with less

Drive efficiency and operational excellence, to increase productivity & reduce costs, while delivering a great customer experience.

Better optimize your time and resources

Assign and manage work & backlog. Transparently manage resources.

Increase customer satisfaction

Move at the speed of your customers with responsive,  transparent & effective communication that delivers.

Continuously improve

You can't improve what you can't capture and measure. Capture best practice work. Pragmatically deliver quality work, on time, consistently and predictably.

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Discover 5 ways to increase speed, improve reliability and reduce costs - all at the same time!

We have put together a selection of articles in order to help you explore how to tighten your operations.



Pragmatic engagement based on your distinct needs

Flexible Work Order Management

Adaptable work & tasks

World leading openness 

+700 connections ensure we can connect your processes and tools.

Data connectivity and effective use of data

Complete flexibility to meet your needs

Available as open RESTful API cloud services, hosted on your environment or ITAR-secure public.

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Delivering Clear Benefits

For Authentise customers, it’s all about continuously improving to deliver increasing quality, scale & efficiency.


Our customers are looking to drive execution. Track Progress. Record Actions. Ensure process adherence. Highlight abnormalities. Drive resolutions.

Equipment assembly


Maintenance Operations
Airplane Engine

"Authentise convinced everybody: the shop floor team loved the mobile app and time savings; our IT guys loved the openness and I am happy to know that all our data is being captured and instantly available."

VP Operations, Large Aero Company

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