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Advanced Manufacturing Drives Performance (Authentise Weekly 3D News Review – Week 49)

Hello, and welcome to another week in review!

This week we saw a lot of activity surrounding AM, and advanced manufacturing in general, with regards to its ability to bring about unprecedented performance and cost savings. We saw how Renishaw used AM to improve Land Rover’s yacht performance by decreasing the weight of its parts, how paradigm shifts in the factory of the future will reduce conversion costs up to 40% and how reduced lead times can greatly benefit from the horrendous costs of lost production time.

Want to see some numbers and stats? Let’s go!

Renishaw uses 3D printing to improve efficiency of Land Rover BAR yacht

British engineering company Renishaw has used its metal 3D printing expertise to improve the performance of the Land Rover Ben Ainsley Racing (BAR) yacht. The boat now uses a 3D printed sheave case and other metal 3D printed parts. According to Land Rover BAR, the weight in a new AM manifold design for a particular part was reduced by 60%, with an increase in performance efficiency of better than 20% after implementing the custom-made 3D printed component.

Read more here.

Factory of the future will reduce conversion costs up to 40%: BCG

Manufacturers who invest in the factory of the future now can look forward to saving 40% of their conversion costs in 10 years, says a study from The Boston Consulting Group. “The factory as we know it today will change radically: assembly lines will be replaced by flexible manufacturing islands, and work pieces will communicate even more extensively with production machinery,” says Daniel Küpper, a BCG partner and head of the firm’s Innovation Center for Operations.

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Metal Additive Manufacturing Saves Time and Money in the Beverage Industry


If a plant is shut down due to a lack of spare parts, it can lose money extremely quickly – an hour of lost production can cost anywhere from €4,000 up to €30,000, as Packaging Europe notes. But 3D metal printing can ensure that won’t happen. An additive solution, coupled with a CAD design, meant that parts, or even entire assemblies, could be created as a one-shot design for Jung & Co.’s customers. “Manufacturing of the part by conventional means takes around 8-10 weeks including the procurement of the required precision cast part, whereas the Additive Manufacturing takes around one week” explains Thomas, Managing Director of Jung & Co.

Read more here.

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