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Authentise and Riven Deliver Joint Digital Solution for Production-Grade Additive Manufacturing

Innovators in digital additive manufacturing workflows and open platforms combine forces to simplify and scale end-use part production.

London, UK, Dec 2 2021 – Authentise (, the leader in data-driven workflow tools for additive manufacturing, and Riven (, the trailblazer in 3D reality intelligence for digital manufacturing, are announcing the integration of the Riven 3D reality platform with the Authentise Manufacturing Execution System (aMES).

Through the integration, scan data from Riven’s sensors will be automatically inserted into the traceability report of the part in aMES. Riven’s software will also receive critical information such as the as-designed CAD file, process, and material information directly from Authentise. The rapid identification of divergence from Riven’s Warp Adapted Model (WAMTM) will be viewable in Authentise. The resulting full contextual data capture of all parts provides a platform for further analysis by Riven, Authentise and users alike. In the future, WAMTM compensation will automatically trigger new orders in aMES.

According to Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise, “Integrating full-part 3D data into the Authentise aMES platform will greatly accelerate new product introduction (NPI) for parts made via additive manufacturing. Riven’s WAM technology is levelling-up part accuracy across all AM production techniques. I am very excited to see existing AM systems now able to produce production parts and meet tolerance specs that were previously impossible. Authentise customers will see immediate benefits - especially for setting up and managing series-production orders with Authentise.”

“For additive to reach its full potential, OEMs and service bureaus need to have confidence that production parts will be delivered quickly and meet specs.” said James Page, founder and CTO of Riven, “Authentise’s open platform and workflow automation are an excellent complement to Riven’s push-button easy capture, analysis and streamlined data aggregation. Data lakes based on capture of complete as-manufactured parts fuel Riven’s next-generation predictive, machine learning technology, enabling even higher part quality and reduced time to production deliveries for Authentise customers.”

“We’re excited to welcome Riven to the Authentise ecosystem,” says Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “Together we can achieve true production quality and reduce time to product launch across the AM industry.”

For information, please contact:

Andre Wegner, CEO Authentise,, +1-650-861-7077

Danny, CEO, Riven,, +1-650 255-6038

About Authentise

Authentise delivers data-driven process automation software for additive manufacturing. Its two products include AMES, a workflow management engine using machine data for automation, and 3Diax, a platform of manufacturing related software modules. These tools help Boeing, Ricoh, 3M, Danfoss and others at the forefront of R&D, prototyping and production to reduce effort and cost, improve traceability and transparency, and deliver quality. The products also serve as their core contextual data engine in manufacturing, enabling them to easily build connected Industry 4.0 solutions.

About Riven

Riven is leading 3D reality intelligence for digital manufacturing. Riven enables fast product introduction and customer acceptance of high-accuracy, end-use additive manufactured and conventional parts at scale. Riven cuts weeks on product launches by leveraging proprietary 3D reality intelligence and open platform integrations, allowing manufacturers to easily validate parts, improve product accuracy up to 10X and collaborate on as-manufactured parts in rich, visual 3D across stakeholders. Riven customers include leading mid-market and F500 OEMs and service bureaus building industrial, consumer and automotive products.


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  • Image 1: Print from CAD

    • A typical part printed on a FFF system shows significant deviations from the design. Red areas are oversize, blue areas are undersize and grey areas match the design.

  • Image 2: With Riven WAM

    • A warp-adapted-model (WAM) generated with Riven and printed on the same printer shows 10X lower total deviations.

Image 3: Riven analysis inside Authentise aMES

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