ProtoTech Solutions and Authentise Enable Automatic Watermarks For 3D Printing

New 3Diax Module to help drive additive manufacturing to production scale.


Sandy, UT and Pune, India; Oct 31 2017 – Authentise, a leader in process automation software for additive manufacturing, today announced that it has partnered with ProtoTech Solutions, a niche software development company in the CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D visualization and data interoperability domain, to help 3Diax customers automatically embed watermarks such as serial numbers into digital designs.

As part of the agreement, ProtoTech will exclusively offer its watermarking technology through the 3Diax platform and Authentise will market the technology as the 3Diax Watermarking Module. The Module enables serial numbers, barcodes or other identifiers to be embedded at any point in the geometry – on the part, in the support structures, on an attached tag, and even below the surface so that it can only be detected by X-Ray or similar technologies. This enables more efficient and reliable tracking and sorting of parts within factories. It also has the potential to significantly speed up supply chain and reduce the number of counterfeit parts in circulation.

The combination with other 3Diax modules, such as the geometric search module, makes the tool even more powerful. As a result, geometries could be marked even if they are not identical by identifying the similarity of incoming objects to existing templates.




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About ProtoTech Solutions: ProtoTech Solutions is a niche software development services provider in the domain of CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D visualization and data interoperability. The company was found in 2005 and have been helping global organizations achieve their time-to- market and business goals by developing 3D custom applications, CAD Plugins, 3D Mobile apps, 3D web apps, 3D PDF exporters, file exporters/importers, and host of mission-critical engineering application projects.

Find out more at and follow on Twitter @ProtoTechSoln. About Authentise: Authentise delivers software that enables the production-scale deployment of additive manufacturing. Its landmark products include the 3Diax modular platform as well as the Authentise Manufacturing Execution System. These tools use device data to solve discrete automation challenges and provide an avenue to fully automated order execution and tracking in additive manufacturing, reducing Total Cost of Ownership and speeding up product delivery. The company was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 and has been covered by Bloomberg, the BBC, Wired, and others.

Find out more at and follow on Twitter @authentise.


3DIAX Logo (Square, Horizontal) Authentise Logo Images of Serialisation: 1, 2, 3 (Caption: Serial numbers can be automatically implanted at a specific or general area of the part with the 3Diax Watermarking Module. Combined with the 3Diax Geometric Search Module, the new tool can extend beyond identical parts and implant a range of similar components.) Image of Steganography (Caption: The 3Diax Watermarking Module can also enable non-human readable codes to be implanted into geometries. All watermarks can be implanted on tags, in support structures or on the surface or internal to the original object.)


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