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Week in Review: Feb 20th to Feb 26th

South Korea’s tire mold maker acquires 3DP company, Boeing patents ‘levitating’ 3DP process, and does 3DP bring more than cheaper manufacturing?

South Korean tire mold manufacturing company Saehwa IMC Co. has recently announced it’s acquisition of a 3D printing company as expects to be able to produce their first 3d printed tire mold product as soon as April.

The recent acquisition has industry experts buzzing about the company’s potential for growth, which the market seemed to prove after the deal was made. On Monday, the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) indicated Saehwa IMC jumped 5.4 percent to 8,200 South Korean Won, and on Tuesday jumped 4.9 percent to 8,600 Won. By Wednesday, the company had gone down an incremental 0.1 percent, leaving the company’s shares relatively stable at 8,590 Won. Full story at 3Ders.

Aerospace giant Boeing has patented an additive manufacturing process for 3D printing objects while floating in space. Using multiple 3D printers and diamagnetic printing materials, the system would be able to rotate a levitating print about every axis and deposit layers from all directions.

According to the patent, the levitating 3D printing technique would involve “forming a feature of a part by printing material into space; levitating the part; changing a spatial orientation of the part while the part is levitating; forming another feature of the part by printing material into the space; and repeating the steps of changing the spatial orientation of the part and printing material into the space until an entire part is formed.” Read more here.

New printers, novel printing materials and applications keep popping up. Prof. Helena Dodziuk suggested this week that the added value that 3D printing brings might get lost in the buzz. She suggests 3D printing creates new possibilities going far beyond cheaper manufacturing, contributing to massive social change. Check the full article at 3D Printing Industry.

Like always, we invite you to visit our Dev Team blog Layer0. This week we are talking about moving from MartyJS to React, with some of our tips to a smooth transition.

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