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Better manage and reduce on hand inventory, with clearer insight our customers have been able to reduce on hand inventory by as much as 40%. Drive and track your progress against real data, not aspirations.


How much is your manufacturing inventory costing your business?

Besides fixed assets, inventory is usually the largest priced asset of any business. Allowing those assets to go unchecked, unregulated, and unsupervised, as it goes from supplier, through manufacturing to your customers has a direct effect on profits & cost.


In fact poor inventory management is one of the top 8 reasons why small businesses fail. So, the real question is, in the 21st century, how can businesses afford not to have management software for their inventory?

Authentise Inventory & Materials Management
Authentise Inventory & Materials Management
Authentise Inventory & Materials Management
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Take advantage of industrial engineering & manufacturing software forged in some of the industry’s most flexible & fast-moving environments.

With Authentise inventory management can be an Integral part of smart, intelligent, workflow management. Adaptive workflows can automatically consume materials and inventory providing a digital twin of your actual industrial engineering & manufacturing processes.

World leading openness, with over 700 connections, ensuring we can connect your IT, processes, equipment and tools as needed.



Directly improve company profits

Through careful inventory management companies can improve productivity by as much as 20-50%

Better manage and reduce on hand inventory

With clearer insight customers have been able to reduce on hand inventory by as much as 40%. Drive and track your progress against real data, not aspirations.

Digitized, standardized,  operations & better optimized productivity

By linking orders, intelligent workflows and inventory management together customers can develop a digital twin of their operations, before expensive physical commitments.

Greater customer agility & responsiveness

With a clearer, more transparent, view on available stocks, replenishment dates, locations and more, to gain insight into challenges before they become problems, and adapt to changing conditions.

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We have put together a selection of articles in order to help you understand how optimizing inventory materials management can benefit your company.

three principles for inventory


Track your material batches & lots

Manage re-orders, top-ups, raw materials, test, batches, blends, splits, scrap, recycling etc

Organize the resources & materials you need

Organizations, Sites, Users, Suppliers, Service providers, Machines, Equipment, Assets, Tools, Parts, Materials, Batches, Bins, Containers, Consumables, Shipments and more

 Real time tagging & visibility

Immediate, real time visibility of your materials, their location and status.

Integrated with your digital workflows

Digital tasks & workflows automatically consuming inventory, materials and resources

Inventory & material tracking & compliance

Able to track the materials and resources you use

World leading openness & IT, software and hardware connectivity

Connect the systems, process, tools, equipment and personnel you need to succeed

Image by Esther Jiao
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Pragmatic engagement based on your distinct needs

We’ve helped companies like 3M, Boeing, Nike, Danfoss, Ricoh, Xerox and more deliver some of the world’s most agile and responsive industrial engineering environments.


"Authentise understood our varied needs immediately. We have a dozen locations making prototypes, and a couple that are moving into production. We wanted one system to manage it all”

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