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Mass customization

Embracing the Power of Mass Customization

order management

Meet individual customer needs while maintaining efficient production processes.

Authentise's award winning, end-to-end workflow solutions allow for the highest level of customization without compromising quality or efficacy.


Deliver highly personalized products to customers, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

Streamline production processes, reducing waste, minimizing errors, and increasing productivity.

Handle a higher volume of customization requests without compromising quality or productivity.

Accelerate the time to market for customized products by efficiently managing the entire customization workflow.

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Take advantage of data-driven manufacturing software forged in some of the industry’s most flexible & fast-moving environments.

Whether R&D prototypes, personalized manufacturing at scale or field service, Authentise has a proven track record of helping companies deliver their most agile industrial engineering operations.



Seamless coordination and automation of complex workflows to efficiently manage customization requests.

Easily communicate with service providers and production team to ensure smooth collaboration and timely updates throughout the customization process.

Quality control features, such as Guidelines or NC reviews, to ensure that customized products meet the required standards and specifications.

Production optimization to maximize efficiency and minimize lead times, even with varying customization requirements.

Image by Esther Jiao
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Pragmatic engagement based on your distinct needs

We’ve helped companies like 3M, Boeing, Nike, Danfoss, Ricoh, Xerox and more deliver some of the world’s most agile and responsive industrial engineering environments.


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