The aMES Platform for OEMs

Whether you're making prototypes or production parts, Authentise helps manage your processes efficiently, ensure processes are followed and capture all resulting data.

Leverage the digital thread to bring transparency and efficiency to your fingertips. Multi-location reporting, compliance and process improvements becomes a breeze, and with Authentise's partner integrations you'll always be sure to have best in class tools.

Workflow MES for 3D printing OEM connecting their lab with powerful automation features

End-to-end workflow

Order Intake

Digital Parts Library

QA & Reporting

Production Planning



Empowered by data, to empower you.

~1h Daily

on process overview

Customized dashboards, order summaries and operation-wide analytics give you unparalleled oversight to stay on top of your daily workload.


~30 minutes

per production request

Simple review and costing for each incoming part request. This, coupled with simple communication tools to discuss arising issues or schedules. optimizes the review of new orders to minutes.

-$0.35 to -$48

on each part

Time is money, and when you empower your workflow through instant communication, automated order tracking and run scheduling, that adds up to a considerable amount per part.

Centralized order intake & outsourcing

All the data you need to stay informed and act nimbly on your orders in one, user-friendly platform. Manage orders internally, across multiple locations or through third parties, without skipping a beat.

Order Management FINAL 1.png