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Authentise and Nebumind integrate the DigitalTwin

Companies merge data capture and visualization capabilities to give additive users an

unparalleled, actionable view of part data.

Philadelphia, PA, 19 November 2020 – Authentise (, the leader in data-

driven workflow tools for additive manufacturing, and Nebumind (, the

ground-breaking provider of visualization and analytics tools for manufacturing data are

announcing the integration Nebumind’s tools into the Authentise Manufacturing Execution

System (AMES).

Nebumind visualisation in the MES part traceability page.

Nebumind produces ‘digital twin’ visualizations, which fuse machine parameters and sensor data with the original part geometry. The integration of these visualizations with AMES will help users identify problem zones of each part more easily and lead to less time-intensive and more accurate inspections. In addition, real-time alerts generated by the Nebumind system inside AMES will help the user address any deviations during the process, reducing waste. Since AMES already captures data from the machines and manages the printable geometry, the system passes this information on to Nebumind automatically, saving the user from locating and uploading this information separately. The insight generated is appended to the existing AMES part report to ensure end-to-end traceability.

“Additive users need to be able to review data at a single glance,” says Franz Engel, co-CEO at Nebumind. “To date all they are given is long and complex tables of sensor data that are difficult to make head or tail of. Thanks to the integration with AMES, we can get this data automatically and fuse it with the shape being produced. That way the user can see an instant heatmap of potential problem areas, and deep dive into every voxel to understand the underlying data if necessary. This view can help customers identify rework needs up to 10 times faster and reduce production rejects by up to 90%. Integrating this view with AMES makes sense, since that’s where production is managed, and data is held. We’re excited to be collaborating with Authentise to make the additive process more seamless and reliable for users.”

“We’re excited to be welcoming Nebumind to the Authentise platform,” says Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “Together we can accomplish the goal of a seamless, failproof additive process. The collaboration proves once again that trying to do so single-handedly leads to failure and harms customers. For years they have had to put up with sub-optimal data analysis, in several different software tools. Now it’s all in one place, instantly accessible, and cutting edge. This partnership proves once again how much we can move this industry forward if industry leaders work together, and not against one another.”

For information, please contact:

  • Andre Wegner, CEO Authentise,, +1-650-861-7077

  • Caroline Albert, co-CEO Nebumind,, +49 89 21537996

About Authentise

Authentise delivers data-driven process automation software for additive manufacturing. Its two products include AMES, a workflow management engine using machine data for automation, and 3Diax, a platform of manufacturing-related software modules. These tools help Boeing, Ricoh, 3M, Danfoss and others at the forefront of R&D, prototyping and production to reduce effort and cost, improve traceability and transparency, and deliver quality. The products also serve as their core contextual data engine in manufacturing, enabling them to easily build connected Industry 4.0 solutions. The company was founded in 2012 in San Francisco and operates offices in Philadelphia, London, and Kiev.

About Nebumind

Nebumind offers data-driven part quality software for any kind of manufacturing process. The software helps the user analyse, improve and monitor the quality of manufactured components – offline and online. Production data of machines and sensors is collected in the software and visualized as “digital part twins” for every component. Particularly in additive manufacturing, the software is used by companies such as Ariane Group, Otto Fuchs and Liebherr Aerospace to trace back quality defects, monitor part quality online, and compare the quality of manufactured components. Besides very fast and intuitive quality analyses, the software’s special feature is its applicability across different manufacturing processes connecting quality information and enabling analyses throughout the entire production chain. Nebumind was found in 2019 and has its office near Munich, Germany.


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