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July 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


Materials Management

Our Digital Material Genealogy Management module provides advanced material workflow management for additive manufacturing!


A question… How far does your Digital Thread really go?

In this recent blog, Keith interviews some of our customers about their current processes and explores areas where we can improve!

Can you help us get it right and tell us where we need to consider a broader application of a digital thread?


America Makes MMX 2022

The Members Meeting and Exchange is America Makes' premier gathering of members and industry leaders to network, plan, and exchange ideas.

When: 16th-18th August

The goal of MMX is to unite the community, encourage collaboration and build a comprehensive and globally competitive American AM ecosystem.

Individuals from industry, academia, government, and economic development agencies are encouraged to attend and willing to collaborate for the acceleration of AM technology.

Derek will be attending this year and is keen to chat about all things AM!

inventory management

Discover 5 ways to better manage and reduce on hand inventory in order to improve profits!

We have put together a selection of articles in order to help you understand how optimizing inventory materials management can benefit your company.

team updates

Welcoming Simon McCaldin

We are extremely excited to welcome Simon to the team as our Open Innovation and Strategic Business Development lead.

We are looking to develop new products and expand the capabilities of the platform so who better to have on board than Simon who has 15 years experience in Open Innovation and launched 100s of development projects and programmes!

It was fab to meet him and get together with a few other UK based Authentise rock stars near our London office last week!

new feature spotlight

Kiosk Mode - 300% Faster Log In!

Kiosk mode is a new login method for our Shopfloor app. The app helps users working on manual tasks to see work instructions, complete tasks and provide feedback information (measurements, pictures etc), optionally against thresholds.

Usually, users have their own personal devices (could be company assigned tablets). But we’ve found that in some cases, users like to use terminals near machines or at stations instead... In that case, they’re using a Kiosk.

The biggest change for Kiosk users is that they have to be able to log in quickly, because they’ll be sharing their terminal with others. That’s what we’ve enabled. In fact, they’ll be able to log in more than 300% more quickly!!


How do you currently manage your suppliers’ execution?

Most traditional systems have focussed on managing suppliers not working with them. Managing suppliers is one thing. Working with them is another.

It’s time for something better. Cutting edge manufacturers are looking to evolve from a linear, to a digitally networked value chain.

Authentise can help you do more than simply manage your supply chain. Authentise helps you execute it.

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