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What Next?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

As we plan the next couple of years at Authentise, there are a few key themes that stand out as priorities:

We need to grow outside of additive

Additive manufacturing was a great sandbox - there’s more data and less legacy. Delivering a winning workflow management solution in additive manufacturing means delivering the future of agile production management in general. Now we have to prove it.

There are many, many nuances in each manufacturing technology. So technical and sales challenges remain ever present. But our aspirations are clear, as is the strength we can build on: enabling the most agile business units (additive) of large companies (Boeing, Ricoh, 3M, Danfoss, and others) to operate more efficiently, with more transparency, and reliably, with complete contextual data capture. We’ve done it for them - we can do it for their other business units too.

We need to change the way designs are conceived from pure geometry to capturing basic intent

This concept may take a bit more explaining, so it’s worth diving into this article Andre wrote on Forbes a few years ago. The bottom line is: The future involves a move away from communicating in geometry towards communicating in a way that captures the intent of what you were trying to achieve. As a company that manages workflows, Authentise has a role to play in that transition. The first step was our pre-production workflow feature. We have a lot of plans to build around that.

Deliver more third-party integrations and artificial intelligence algorithms that can help determine the quality of a part remotely

Ultimately, our vision is still the same: Delivering distributed manufacturing. We’re clear that one thing will be paramount in that transition: Integrity. As we move from only a handful of suppliers to thousands, the design owner isn’t going to be able to control quality anymore. Instead, they have to rely on data to tell them whether the part was produced correctly or not. We will be the data hub that tells them this, but the determination will not be made by us alone - it involves third-party partners that evaluate the data and still others that reinsure the result. We have to capture the data and integrate with those partners to provide value to the design owners and part users.

Our plan has other elements to deliver the vision and provide value. To hear those, you’ll have to join us.

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