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Half Time for To Me, To You

We’re now three months into our project, and after a delayed start, the project is now proceeding well. Due to hold ups with pre-project checks, the project started two months later than expected, with little time to prepare and get set up; but.... despite this, all parties are now on track and making swift progress.

Supply Chain Portal

In May we successfully combined our production system Docket with our inventory system, and added a shift pattern feature enabling users to identify what days and hours they operate. By adding detailed information about working hours, and allowing different quantities of items to be both utilised and created as part of standard orders, we can improve the accuracy of our comparison-to-plan calculations.

This month we will be creating the first version of the supply chain portal, using a similar design to our existing Elements Docket software. The next steps will then be to enable PDFs to be uploaded and downloaded, and to develop a delivery acceptance app.

Smart Logistics

Pathfindr began the project by outlining the design of their solution and creating wireframes of the user interface. In May they began small-scale testing of their devices across the UK, and have now begun advanced tests to measure global movements of items across multiple continents. As a result of the testing, they have modified their data logging frequency and improved data visualisation.

Over the next two months Pathfindr will be developing their ‘contracts’ feature, using Bluetooth technology to automatically and accurately identify when items have been passed between a supplier and customer. Furthermore they will continue testing and fine-tuning the sensors and software to improve the accuracy and validity of captured data.

Simulated Supply Chain

After an initial primary scoping period, the AMRC provided the consortium with a report on the needs and requirements of supply chain participants.

As part of this document the AMRC also began to define the simulated supply chain, utilising multiple AMRC sites across North Wales, Lancashire and South Yorkshire to manufacture an electric motor bracket for the electrification of a Caterham Seven car. This will provide multiple controlled touch points and will provide a visible way to provide outreach following the project conclusion, to manufacturers across the UK. The simulated supply chain will be similar in structure to that used by Produmax, whom have sites in Yorkshire and Northamptonshire, and sub-contract aspects of their work.

What will happen in the second half?

Over the next two months the Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) will be finalised and integrated with one another, and the simulated supply chain will be set up across the multiple AMRC sites. Then, in the final month of the project the IDTs will be tested across Produmax’s real-life supply chain, and across the AMRC’s simulated supply chain. We'll be showing off some of the software over the coming months, giving you a taste of what the final IDTs will look like.

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