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How do you enable agile manufacturing?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

It’s not often one gets to make career decisions that could help make a real difference in your industry.

I like to think I am fortunate to have had a few of these defining moments. At Siemens I was proud to be part of an amazing team working on NX and Teamcenter during a key transition. I was fortunate to be part of Autodesk as we mad we a beachhead in the cloud with Fusion360. At Hexagon I’ve been lucky to be part of organization that is poised be a truly potent force in our industry.

With these thoughts in mind I come to a company that grabbed my attention from the moment I met them. An awesome team. Great leadership. Fresh attitude. Enthralling tech. Passionate customers. What’s not to like? It’s time for a change. If I could do what I did for Autodesk, Siemens and Hexagon then could I pull it off for a company like Authentise? Big decisions loomed ahead of me.

There’s no doubt the time is right. There’s a movement going on in manufacturing right now. Now, more than ever there’s a wealth of new technologies and revolutionary ideals as part of what many are calling the 4th industrial revolution, or industry 4.0. However, while the hype surrounding these technologies and the potential that comes with them is impressive, so far the vast majority of manufacturers have yet to really reap the results promised. As Gartner points out with its Hype cycle, for many we are in “the trough of disillusionment” in many areas.

The way to the “slope of enlightenment” requires a pragmatic focus on how we can best take advantage of these technologies. The real value of any technology is not the technology itself. It’s what we do with that technology that matters.

This is a trend I believe Authentise is at the forefront of. Authentise has pioneered pragmatic manufacturing execution in one of the world’s most agile operational areas, boasting some significant manufacturing improvements for its customers. It’s also now a company that I’m proud to say I am now part.

At Authentise it’s clear to me that there’s real pride in how we help the folks we think are the super heroes of industrial engineering and manufacturing world. Frontline workers, specialists, supervisors, pit bosses, and more, in Skunkworks, R&D, job/fab shops, manufacturing operations, support engineering are a few of the team that face some of the toughest challenges in engineering today.

Innovative entrepreneurs, in their own right, facing some of the toughest and most unique engineering challenges, often under incredible time pressures, with high impact, very visible projects. These teams are often forging their way through the unique, new, engineering challenges that often form the bedrock of their overall organizations’ operational effectiveness.

Sure the tech is fun. My secret, inner, geek relishes the tech detail involved. Another time, perhaps we can talk about digital twins, additive manufacturing; AI/ML, IOT/edge devices, contextual fluid data, and more. Right now, it’s the smart application of that tech, that’s making the difference.

The road to industry 4.0 or the next industrial revolution should not a big, expensive, risky, pan galactic leap. It’s a far simpler and much more pragmatic idea… The idea that smaller, more measured, more autonomous, changes, taken rapidly can contribute and grow to form a new, more agile, way of doing things.

The move to more agile manufacturing is a real one. Ideas like DevOps, Scrums, Stand up meetings, and more, are really starting to make a difference. There’s no doubt in my mind that, after talking to Authentise’s customers, the promises of Industry 4.0 are finally starting to land.… Not just for additive manufacturing, but in any industrial engineering or manufacturing operation, where agility is important. It’s this insightful agility that’s at the core of what we’re trying to achieve for our customers. This is something new, and based on what I’ve seen, Authentise is at the forefront of agile manufacturing.

If you’re part of an industrial engineering and manufacturing organization where agility is important we want to hear from you. We’re making very real, very tangible, improvements to the way in which things are manufactured… We want to understand your challenges. We want to help. You can contact us at

In the meantime watch this space. Push boundaries. Continue to imagine, dream and innovate. Think big. Start small. Iterate quickly. Scale fast!

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